Drug distribution charge in Virginia

  • 18.2-248. Produce, promote, distribute, distribute or distribute prohibited substances or banned substances for the purpose of producing, selling, delivering or distributing; Penalties.

Answer: Under the Drugs Control Act (ยงยง 54.1-3400 and clauses), any person has a legal right to produce, sell, distribute or distribute a reason for the cause, sale, delivery, distribution or possession of any person. A substance or a substance that can be imitated.

  1. In addition to distributing such a medicine in addition to any other relevant evidence in the court, whether to produce, promote, distribute or distribute a regulated person implying the sale of a disk, tablets, some kind of other type of merchandise, any trade Or other property, or for a job or job or job, and if so, However, any other type of any kind of form of any kind, such as tablets, tablets, tablets or substances, the true chemical composition of any of the other substances of any kind is considered in any other form of the form, such as a tablet, a Pipeline, a fever or a chemical composition must be.

Anyone who is acceptable to this category in Schedule 1 or Schedule II, as permitted in clause C1 of Subsection C1, shall be imprisoned for not more than five years or more, imprisonment for more than 40 years Should be done. $ 500,000. Any kind of violation of D is accepted and is deemed to be a person convicted of another offense or a warrant or charge of any other offense or other offense. If the Commonwealth committed itself to such a privilege, it may be in the court or the jury’s discretion, at the discretion of the person or woman of the person or woman who would have been punished, in the name of a warrant, accusation or information. The sentences are sentenced to less than five years in prison or sentenced to imprisonment, and shall be subject to a minimum of imprisonment for a continuous period of three years.

If a person is found guilty of a third or subsequent offense under this subsection, he is charged with an offense punishable by two or more offenses, or an offense or allegation of accusation. A commitment by the Commonwealth can be an offense, and such pre-emptions may precede the date of the charge on warrants, allegations or statistics, and he should be imprisoned for their existence or punishments for a period not less than 10 years. The minimum time frame for imprisoning for eight consecutive years is to hunt for him.

The manufacturer, sale, supply, distribution or ownership of the following products, which resulted in the production, sale, distribution or distribution of the following products: continuation of service for the first class and five years imprisonment for any person, not exceeding $ 1 million, for a lifetime of five years and all other periods Will be a minimum of time:

  1. A total of 100 g of a substance or a substance that can be detected by heroin;
  2. A compound or substance with a recognizable amount of 500 grams or more of a substance:
  1. Apart from coca leaves, cocaine, cocaine, cocaine and salt, except cocaine, cocaine, cocaine, cocaine, cocaine and cocaine;
  1. Cocaine, its salts, optical and geometric isomers and isomers;
  1. Ecgonine, its derivatives, their salts, isomers and isomers; or a
  1. Any combination, mixture or training contained in any of the subsections 2a, 2a, 2c through 2c;

Three. 2. The meaning or mixture of 2 a (2a) substituent 2a of cocaine foot; 250 g; or a

  1. Memmamphethein, its salts, isomers or isomers or salts or gums of 10 grams or more or 20 grams or an addition of an ingredient or an additional ingredient contained in the mixture, saline, isomer or saline in the saline solution.

If the Court declares the minimum binding period imposed for violating this Sub-section, further:

  1. A person can no longer believe for an offense listed in Section 17.1-805.
  1. The person did not use violence or trusted threats or violence or any other risky weapon; The player did not have the result for the player to do so;
  1. I made a mistake