How Many Miles Over the Speed Limit Is Reckless Driving In VA

When one exceeds a speed of eighty miles per hour (mph) in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one can receive reckless driving charges. Also, exceeding twenty mph over the speed limit is reckless driving in VA. Consequently, when one is driving seventy mph in a speed zone of fifty five mph, then one may be accused of reckless driving charges.

You can find the reckless driving speeding law of Virginia State at Virginia Code § 46.2-862. Exceeding Speed Limit which states that:

“An individual shall be guilty of reckless driving in VA who drives an auto vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • at a speed of TWENTY mph or more than of the applicable highest speed limit; or
  • more EIGHTY mph irrespective of the applicable highest speed limit.”

When one is accused of reckless driving in VA, one must retain the services of an experienced legal practitioner who may be able to either beat the reckless driving charges or at least mitigate the punishment.

Since the speed limit has changed to seventy miles per hour on several VA state highways, there is significant likelihood for someone to receive reckless driving charges as the eighty miles per hour cut off is still in place. It implies that when one is driving in a seventy mph zone, and the individual exceeds the speed limit merely by ten mph, then the person may receive reckless driving in VA charges.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, reckless driving is viewed as a significant criminal offense that comes with a class 1 misdemeanor conviction, leaving the convicted individual with a permanent criminal record. The punishments for exceeding 80 mph or driving 20 mph over the speed limit in VA include:

  1. Court fines and charges;
  2. A severe increase in your insurance rates;
  3. A suspension of the driver’s license; and
  4. Up to 12 months in jail.

When one is charged with driving at a speed of NINTY miles per hour or above, then the person may obtain jail time of two days for each time driving over NINTY mph. When one exceeds a speed of hundred miles per hour, then the convicted may bear as much as THIRTY days of duration in prison added to the previous total.

We are all aware of the danger of driving too fast or too rashly, the tragic statistics of fatal traffic accidents are there to remind us always that we must be careful when driving our vehicles, especially when stepping on the accelerator. But what happens when we drive excessively slow? Well, you should know that driving a very slow car is as much or more dangerous than doing it very fast.

The main causes for which we violate the speed limits, even beyond our ability to drive are traffic, time, lack of solidarity with the environment and stress. You must improve your skills and ability to maintain your driving speed on highways under all situations and circumstances. In case you have been accused of reckless driving in VA, approach a well-versed defense attorney as soon as possible to defend yourself and get the most optimistic outcome in your favor.