Virginia Reckless Driving

Consequence of Reckless Driving

Reckless driving means driving a vehicle in a way that endangers the life or the property of others. Under the Virginia law, exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or exceeding 80 miles per hour in an area of 65 miles per hour is considered as reckless driving.

Driving recklessly in Virginia is classified as violation of law which is a criminal offense. Although violating the rules for set speed limit is usually punishable by fines of $6.00 per mile over the set speed limit, reckless driving will be charged with an extravagant fine of $ 2,500, loss of driving license for up to six months and a 12 month of jail. Besides all this, the crime may also result in an increase in the negative points of your driving records as well as increase in your insurance.

What constitutes Driving recklessly? 

Reckless driving can be typically divided in four different categories, viz. visibility, speeding, carelessness and control of vehicle.

Visibility: In the category of visibility, driving with obscured visibility or passing a car on the top of hill.

Exceeding Speed: Speeding category includes exceeding 80 mph.

Carelessness: Carelessness includes neglecting passages of emergency vehicles such as ambulance, school buses, railroad crossing or driving two cars in a day.

Loss of Vehicle Control: Vehicle control includes defective brakes or inadequate control over your vehicle.

The sentences of condemnation 

The state may charge reckless driving as a crime which may cause a penalty of about $ 2,500 along with that possibility of one year in jail. Although these penalties are reduced by judge, reckless driving requires an appearance in the court.

License sanctions 

A conviction for any one of the above offense or faults is kept in your file for the period of 11 years from the date of activity and six negative points that remains in your driving record for the period of two years. The driving license can also be suspended if driver receives more than 18 points in the period of 12 months and 24 points in the period of 24 months. The driver may earn safety points if he has attended clinical courses for improvement provided that the clinic is entrusted. Thus, driver can earn up to five positive points each calendar year in this way.

Insurance sanctions 

The insurance companies determine penalties for driver insurance differently. So there is universal guide for determining how a reckless driving may charge insurance rate. The Virginal Department of Motor Vehicles notifies insurance carriers of points violations. Thus, one can directly check with their insurance provider if they have received a ticket.

Drivers under the age of 18 

Young age drivers face more severe penalties for reckless driving. Thus, young age drivers will have to complete pilot improvement clinic otherwise his/her license may be suspended. Young drivers will have 90 days to complete the clinic. Second conviction will result 90 days suspension of the license. The third offense will result in cancellation of license for a period of one year until the driver reaches the age of 18, whichever is greater.