White collar criminal defense attorney Maryland

Consider if you are facing investigation or have been accused with a white collar crime in Maryland all you need is an experienced Maryland white collar criminal defense attorney to save you. These criminal cases are very complicated and need meticulous attention in depth. There are very limited lawyers who gain the knowledge, understanding, and aptitude to deal with white collar criminal cases.

Because of their advanced knowledge and related skills in dealing with white collar criminal cases for trial, we know that many attorneys are likely to miss the complexities. Attorneys know how to manipulate prosecution’s weaknesses in your favor and how to deal with the state to get the outcomes in your support. Moreover, hiring a wrong attorney for your case will cost you devastating and life-changing consequences for the lifespan.

Types of some most commonly committed white collar crimes

Mortgage Fraud

It is observed that most of the mortgage fraud happened when the intention is to misrepresent or skip the information from the mortgage loan application to get a loan or to get a loan that has not been approved from the lender with the original data.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is usually committed to obtaining money, property, assets or other stuff illegally from the financial institution. It is observed that bank frauds often occur when a person illegally obtain another person’s money by posing as a banker or other financial institution.

Bank fraud is considered a white-collar crime because it contains nonviolent schemes. Charges against the criminal, in this case, will be very severe, and it is advised to hire a white collar attorney from Maryland to discuss a possible defense for yourself.

Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare frauds occur in a situation when a person or a company is exploiting  an insurer or government healthcare sectors. Here is a list of various healthcare frauds observed most commonly:

  • Duplicate claims
  • Excessive services
  • Kickbacks
  • Upcoding of services
  • Billing of services not rendered
  • Upcoding of items
  • Unbundling
  • Unnecessary services

If you are a victim of any health care fraud, then do not wait to obtain any legal representative. Your attorney can help you in claiming against the fraud.

Money Laundering

It is an illegal practice used to steal money and shift it to other countries without paying any tax. In this process, an individual makes illegitimate funds as they have been obtained from any appropriate source. Money laundering is a grave crime, and the cases regarding money laundering often last longer than other cases. These cases require a specialist of a white-collar criminal defense attorney who knows the odds and evens of the further investigations to secure you from the significant charges.

Public Corruption

This violation involves infringing of public interest or abuse of your power provided by federal, local or state official in the private sector. Government officers are charged with a severe penalty if accused of demanding, accepting or agreeing to get something of worth in exchange for being lenient in their performance at their official duties.


Extortion is one of the severe crime of Maryland that any individual can commit. It involves an illegal means of obtaining money from any person or company through forcing them or threat them. If you are facing any charges against the extortion, then contact a criminal defense attorney to save yourself.